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Jo here, writing to you from my brand spankin' new office space, aka my studio apartment in Los Angeles. While I unpacked boxes, and built furniture, I was genuinely looking forward to hitting the pause button on all of the home improvement shenanigans to meet a reader of our blog, who's this month's We Fly High feature.

Today, we're hanging out with Bryan, who's extremely motivating story about traveling despite being a cancer survivor since 2010, a college graduate (let's not get me into college debt), and an immigrant from the Philippines, will make you rush to shut up and go book your next flight right here on our site. For a 26 year old, this guys got a lot of wisdom he's ready to spit, and we're ready to get wise.

Meet Bryan:

we fly high bryan

we fly high bryan
Bryan, you seem like the sweetest person, and I'm bummed
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Life was pretty simple back there, my grandparents farmed most of the things we eat from eggs, fruits and vegetables. Occasionally, we get our need for protein from our goats and chickens in the backyard. I am proud to say that life as a kid in the Philippines was the BEST! Because I get to play a lot outside, climb trees and just pretty be an actual KID having fun outdoors! After years of working in Saudi Arabia, my parents finally got a chance to move to the US. Even though life in the Philippines was great and all, I always have that longing to move here and experience that "American life" and more importantly to be with my parents. They worked so hard to bring me and my brother to the US, which is believed by most Filipinos as something that will give us better opportunities and success in life. Years have passed and the day of moving to the US finally came and I remember it as one of the best days of my life. I was so excited hearing the news that we are finally going
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