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Case We googled you The problem that we need to evaluate is the recruitment practices for a new position in the country of China for the company Hathaway Jones. Fred Western is the CEO of Hathaway Jones. He is interested in hiring Mimi Brewster for the new division he is planning to open in China. Mimi Brewster grew up in China, speaks Mandarin and a local dialect. Mimi’s education background includes an MBA from Stanford University and her experience includes the re-launching of two brands from the largest clothing company in the United States. While Fred was seriously considering Mimi for the position, the VP of Human Resources, Virginia Flanders was conducting the usual background check with a twist. Virginia was also doing an online…show more content…
It is only fair and ethical to let the candidate know that the company is doing other investigations of the candidate qualifications. The best way to do this is to have the applicant sign a consent form giving the company permission to perform background checks which includes internet searches and social media. The company needs to be very specific on what they will be doing and the applicant needs to agree with the research. We don’t intend for the company or Virginia to become private investigators but it is only fair for Hathaway to have a complete picture of their potential employee. “No successful standards, legal or otherwise, exist in the United States for limiting the collection and utilization of personal data in cyberspace.” (Finkin,2002) In the US there is no law that limits the utilization of information collected online. It is only fair for any company to try to minimize even the remote likelihood of a lawsuit by merely asking the potential employee for a consent form. It is a way to protect the company from possible litigation and lawsuits. We noted that it is Virginia’s practice to scan the first 11 pages of Google results. It is important for the company to establish the policies on how they will be conducting the searches on the internet. Then after they have established a protocol to follow so that the same policy can be used for every applicant they will consider for positions in the company.
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