We Have A Good Day

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They mean everything, but they mean nothing. When I say, “I hate you” they hold so much power, but when I say, “I’m sorry” they are powerless. They can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, your chance at happiness, or the door to Hell. There are no right words when you need them, but plenty when you should just shut up. They roll off your tongue like a roller coaster that just wont stop. Words are everything, words are everywhere. They are the “I love you” before bed. They are the “screw you” after a fight. They are the “ drive slow” and the “wear your seatbelt”. They are the “leave me alone” and the “Is this ever going to stop?” They are the “give me a kiss” and “have a good day”. They are the voicemail when he won’t answer. They are the “hello” when he finally does. I hate words, but I need them. I love words, but I wish I didn’t. 10.23 War: War is everywhere, war is everything. Ready to take on whatever this world might bring. Our soldiers stand tall with their heads held high, They are willing and able to answer every call, every cry Leaving their mother, father, sister and brother, Sacrificing their freedom to proudly serve beside one another. Shipped to a strange place fighting a violent people. Seeing their angry faces. Wishing we could all be equal. Missing christenings and birthdays, Thinking of being home, dreading the day. Weddings and baby showers, Working constant and underpaid hours. Hoping to stay safe, wanting to get out of this place.

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