We Have Always Lived in a Castle by Shirley Jackson

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Shirley Jackson’s, who wrote We Have Always Lived in a Castle, discussed the nature of a human being while having an evil side. It was set in a small town as early 20th century in New England. The main character and narrator is Mary Katherine, who’s also known as “Merricat” is alike sociopath characters, who shows a signs of mental illness. She sees surrounding as ghost and uses her feeling of sympathy for magic to control everything around her. Merricat uses these magic to control objects and her evironemnt to show a sense of power and superiority, as well shows readers her inhuman character and ways. The moon is an important magical symbol of object for Merricat. It is a place that has no sort of existence, and it is consistently watching over the earth, day and night giving earth daylight. It was unchanging, considering Merricat’s personality traits, as the moon is very high and far from earth, it’s like a celestial place, like heaven. It’s a place where anything could happen. Merricat stated in a conversation with her sister that “we have cat-furred plants and horses dancing with their wings. All the locks are solid and tight, and there are no ghosts” (Jackson 1962). In this statement, this fantasy makes her really happy; as well this is the lie style that suits her best. It’s like a place where she could lie freely and Constance and her uncle Julian whose disable, without anyone interfering with their life. In the moon, there are all of sort of vegetables,

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