We Have Come Very Far People of South Africa

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Good morning people of south Africa. I feel blessed to serve this country as we have proven to the world that we are capable of overcoming challenges we encounter. Today I have the honour of addressing the people, so that they know that by entrusting their faith in us, the Party for the People, they are making the right choice!! I am especially honoured to be addressing our brave men and women who work hard to make this country a better place, a place where the economy provides growth and unemployment and poverty dimishes! An economy where the young are entitled to a quality education and the elderly have piece of mind that they will receive the best FREE medical care! An economy that provides a sustainable future for the youth of this country and rewards each and every citizen for their hard work! This is a good reminder that what we have here in south Africa is special. For most of history, people have been trapped in un unified societies, where the same people always stays on top and everyone else never had the chance .But South Africa is exceptional because , here , we believe that every human being, is unique, and that every human being has a right to go as far as their talents and capabilities will allow us to work .Like most South Africans, this is a personal representaion . My great grandparents came here in search of opportunity to improve their lives and give their children the opportunity for a better life. And they left me something that not many people can
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