We Have No Right For Happiness

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Gabriel Esparza
English 300
Professor Marks
March 8, 2016

We Have No Right To Happiness

In C.S Lewis essay, “ We Have No Right To Happiness, he argues that we the people within the world don’t have the right to happiness. In my right being who can accuse such a thing. Everyone has the right to be happy in my opinion. Perhaps look for instance even our Declaration of Independence says “ We have the right to pursue happiness.” I find it somewhat fascinated and yet nothing has changed in our culture since such as author C.S Lewis has wrote this short essay. I truly believe that people know how to be happy and express it, but perhaps they just assume on having a good reason to not be satisfied with their daily lives. I nessaccly feel
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Unlike C.S Lewis example of Mr. A deserting his wife and family, for Mrs. B as doing the same leaving her crippled veteran husband for Mr. A seeking a happier life, never did I picture my parents doing such a thing. As for personal life, my father sticked with my mother till the very as she was diagnosed with cancer. Don’t intended to be a downer but isn’t true marriage till the end if im not wrong. Lewis quotes “ When two people achieve lasting happiness, this is not solely because they are great lovers but because they are also I must put it crudely good people.” Having reading such a passage I consider my father “good people” sticking his morals and what 's right, on not abandoning his family even as widow at end of it, as unlike C.S Lewis example of Mr. A who broke moral laws. But, again who am I too say, about marriage, as I never once was.
Moreover a second reason, why I give inn on disagreeing are the mentions and ideas of “sexual impulses”. Lewis addresses his meaning to such happniess through sexaul impluse. He proclaims “ happiness is really only sexual happiness”, in my right being what is he trying to say? Clare one’s character in Lewis essay, speaks on her behalf only using happiness when describing sexual happiness. Clare tends to speaks, in support of the desire of sex to encounter such happiness. Providing such statements “that not to promote alcoholism
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