We Have Too Much Accessibility On The Internet

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We have too much accessibility on the internet. The internet creates a beautiful platform for finding information and interacting with people around the world, but it has major downsides. The primary issue concerning the freedoms that come with online accessibility involves having too much freedom in regards to what you can search. If people wanted to search some form of mortifying material such as images of genocide, they could easily do so with a google search. In our current digital era, children under the age of fourteen heavily use the internet. Seeing these types of videos may cause some future psychological issues and potentially affect future generations if the internet gets worse. Limitations should be placed on the internet because the easy accessibility of all types of information can give access to mortifying material which can lead short term or long term psychological problems. Despite negative aspects, one of the greatest creations of our time is the internet and it provides many positive attributes. The internet allows people to access any and all types of information from any location in the world. If people from various different parts of the world wanted to educate themselves regarding a specific event occurring, they have the opportunity to know details regarding the event. Some would argue that the internet creates a platform that advocates for freedom of speech as well. Politicians, activists, or simply anyone with access to the internet can
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