We Heard the Angels of Madness

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Mark was a freshman at the University of Colorado, thousands of miles away from his parents who lived in Connecticut. He was the younger sibling to his brother who was also attending college. He had never had any vast problem with the law except for a speeding ticket when he was in high school. Overall, Mark was a well-behaved college student. His parents, Diane and Chris, were a joyous couple throughout their marriage. Chris worked for a computer software company which required him to spend most of his time traveling. Due to this, Diane was a little more attached to her kids then he was. She was one of the first people to notice Mark slowly changing and becoming ill. Mark’s first peculiar behavior started near his college. He…show more content…
The insurance the family had didn’t cover the test needed to find out what was happening to Mark. The hospitals they went to only seemed to give them pills for Mark to take. Other doctors were only interested in the money and whether or not they were willing to pay, so they weren’t of much help. None of the doctors seemed to give them any clue as to what was wrong with Mark. They decided it was best to look for either a psychiatrist or psychologist. They found a doctor who told them he believed Mark had Manic Depression and was to start on a lithium therapy as soon as possible. In this book, we are presented with the mental illness named ‘Manic Depression’ in which Mark was faced with as a freshman in college. Manic Depression is most commonly known as ‘Bipolar Illness’ and is usually confused with schizophrenia and unipolar depression. It causes huge shifts in mood, energy, thinking, and behavior. The manic depressive may have multiple mania behaviors at a time and depression the next second. For example, in the book, Mark showed one of the biggest signs of the bipolar disorder, uncontrolled sleepiness. This usually marks the beginning of a manic depressive episode which causes the person to become a total stranger to others. Manic depression can cause huge sex drives in the person that might even exhaust his/her partner. It can cause moods, such as fatigue, delusions,
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