We Humans Have Effectively Taken Over The Planet With Our

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We humans have effectively taken over the planet with our massive population and gluttonous consumption of resources. We have extinguished nature to the point where we have raped her of her independence. Now like a battered women, nature needs humanity to be her protector and caregiver until she rebuilds her strength. We should sustain nature if not for her own intrinsic value, but for our own survival. Humans did not miraculously appear on Earth and therefore had to transmission through countless vases of evolution to develop brains complex enough to manipulate the environment to our will. We are carbon-based life forms like any other, but through time and innovation we have evolved to sentient beings capable of existential thought. This…show more content…
The Earth is our beginning and end; it is our home and our mother. The essence of Earth is nature; I believe you cannot separate the two. It almost seems silly to say not to worry about it all coming to a crashing end. How can we find clarity when we are destroying the giver of life? All humans are philosophers; we are trying to understand life the entire time we’re here, but if there were ever a place to look to for truth, it would be nature. My conclusions about nature line up well with the Dream of Naturalism which recognizes that the Earth is more than materials for human survival; its also a source of goodness that we benefit from physically and spiritually. If the Dream of Naturalism was utilized in political decision-making it would be more effective, but it policy changes that protect the rights of the Earth undermines the control of our capitalist society. It’s not a new story that those in power will destroy human lives like heads of cattle to stay in control, so there obviously has been many road blocks politically. We continually separate ourselves from the unique essence of nature by raising children to engage online but not in nature. I agree with Richard Louv’s idea of “nature deficiency” that without a relationship with our natural world, we become distractible and depressed. The Naturalist in me says we have become weak and spiritually broken with prepackaged
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