We Live In A Gilded Age Of Produce. Within The Past Couple

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We live in a Gilded age of produce. Within the past couple of years, GMOS replaced our original, natural diet with these “genetically altered” foods. GMO, or genetically modified organism, is defined as “a plant, animal, microorganism, or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified using recombinant DNA methods (also called gene splicing), gene modification, or transgenic technology” (Non-GMO Project). What may be perceived as healthy salad at first glance, may just be a bowl of genetically modified “food”. These are underlying problems not recognized by most of the public. The use of GMOs creates endless risks and pose a threat to the environment, genetic diversity, and future. Using genetically modified seeds cuts the usage of…show more content…
The companies are tricking farmers into thinking that their seeds are better for the environment, when really they are not. “Toxins from Bt seeds are released through the roots and can last in the soil for at least 234 days”. The main reason why DDT in soil lasts so long is because it “binds strongly to soil particles” (Deepak). These toxins can be leached down into the groundwater, contaminating water sources. Bt toxin can also be absorbed through other plants roots and then be eaten by animals, poisoning them. Farmers claim that they save money by using Bt seeds because they do not use pesticides, but the difference in cost is made up by the cost of the seeds: “Thompson’s soybean and corn yields are well above county average and even as the US government continues to bail out indebted farmers, Thompson is making money. He profits from both his healthy soil and crops, and from the fact that his “input” costs for chemical fertilizer, pesticides, and so forth-are almost nil” (Halweil). Thompson is an organic farmer who does not use many pesticides and makes a profit very close to what a typical farmer makes. Although Bt seeds supposedly use less pesticides, they still release toxic chemicals into the ground which is extremely harmful to the soil. Genetically transferring genes from one organism to another may sound like something in a sci-fi movie, but now it is happening more than ever. Snipping desired traits from various

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