We Live In Such A World Claude Mckay Meaning

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Imagine a world with joy and happiness - everything is flawless,No racism, no violence, no poverty and no hate; we live in a utopian world. We do not live in such a world, it is nothing like this. The poem by Claude McKay and the picture by Brittany Jackson have expressed that this world is not as perfect as we think it is. The poem written by Claude McKay and the picture by Brittany Jackson both describe the theme of how hatred is so easily acted upon.
The picture that Brittany Jackson illustrates, describes anger. You can see the anger in this picture because of how easily he is eating the world, if he was not so angry then he would not be eating the world so easily. If he was happy then it might be hard for him to eat the world, that is if he has a conscience. You can also see that the man is cutting the world with a knife and if you were to cut a world, then it would need a tougher knife than just a butter knife. Another detail that expresses anger is his grip around the knife. I know for me - I would not be gripping
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The entire time, he is talking about birds but, that is just a metaphor. These birds kill so viciously, they are not just killing gently, if even that is a thing but I mean it is not a hit and go. They make sure that their prey is in pain and they do not stop until they are. Or they even make sure that the prey is in pain but, leave and the birds do not put it out of misery. “And tugging and tearing without let or pause” (line 11), in this section of the poem, it shows how the birds attack. These birds are attacking and tearing apart the prey and they do not stop. This just shows much more on how the birds are destroying. Another quote from the poem,“Their shadow dims the sunshine of our day.” (Line 1) Always on the darkest days that comes destruction, just as the quote said. Before the birds seeked out their prey, it was the brightest day but, when they killed their prey, it got very cloudy and
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