We Must First Play An Active Role

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In order to be a positive contributor to society you must first play an active role in the community. I have and continue to make myself a resource to the community. Making myself a resource means being a role model to young people, giving back to the community through community service, and helping my peers in every way I know how. As I progress through life being a positive contributor to the community involves: finding my focus, considering where I make the greatest impact, educating and informing myself and others, and lastly making an impact in order to leave a legacy of sustainable happiness. Finding my focus is my way of exploring my strengths and what I am the best at or my purpose; consequently, this leads into considering where I make the greatest impact (law). Next, I must educate myself by performing well in college and in law school, then sharing my knowledge with the world. Lastly, creating a legacy involves preparing a plan of action and implementing that plan of action. These steps will lead me to be a positive contributor by bringing change to the community. According to American poet Ezra Pound, “Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing. The rest is mere sheep herding.” I must be honest when expressing my interest in society’s development portrayed by my academic, leadership, and service. Throughout my college career, I have found myself finding strategy where other students find struggle, creativity where other students find
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