We Must Go Into Downtown Los Angeles

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I’m in Anaheim (CA) and am trying to get into downtown Los Angeles. I have several options in terms of which route I take. I can go through interstate 10 and go through the 605 straight into Los Angeles, but their would be an astonishing amount of traffic. I can also get on I-05 and go through the 710 and have to drive 1 mile locally then get to my destination. Lastly, I can get on I-05, take and exit into Compton, drive through 2 miles locally, then get on the 710, and take an exit off to downtown Los Angeles. This route would reduce my fuel consumption and would reduce my travel time by over 90 minutes. This route may seem like the obvious route to take, but one step/risk involved in this route is that one will need to drive through…show more content…
The Nuclear energy path can lead to gargantuan devastation, colossal costs, and possible terrorism threats, hence Nuclear Energy should be abandoned. Nuclear energy reactors can have devastating consequences to its surrounding environment. Nuclear energy reactors can have a meltdown which can cause its surrounding inhabitants to face dire consequences. A nuclear meltdown is when nuclear reactor(s) have a severe accident which results in damage to the core/overheating. A nuclear meltdown releases radiation into the atmosphere, and also releases extremely dangerous radioisotopes into the environment. One of the many deadly radioisotopes released includes Iodine-131. Iodine-131 has a half life of 8 days (the radioisotope functions for 8 days). Iodine-131 contaminates the water supply and the air (that we breathe). If one were to ingest this radioisotope, it would incorporate into the thyroid and damage the tissue with beta and gamma radiation. This will lead to the full decay of the thyroid gland and surrounding tissue. This causes thyroid cancer (increases chance of cancerous cells forming by more than 70 percent), especially in children (those who are still growing). Strontium-90 is also released during a nuclear meltdown. Strontium-90 is released into the atmosphere, water supply, and surrounding plants and animals. Strontium-90 has a half life of 28 years but has a biological
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