We Must Learn Our History

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The phrase “we must learn our history in order to not only understand future, but not relive the mistakes of the past” could be explored in many different ways. But today we are going to look at this phrase from a racial prospective, why understand whether or not the medial is doing it justice when it come to reporting on the issue race. As an African-American in the society today, it’s been very difficult to witness what have been going on in this country over the past few years. The saddest part of it all is being expose to the struggle that young black men undergo in this country daily. This subject natter isn’t some that just started happening, with new technologies creating different platform of media messages and more people to this subject matter, I am not surprise that every now and than this issue is in the news headline. What is shocking is the fact hat some people actually don’t see a problem with what’s going on. With that saying, I think we have to first learn the importance of diversity being that we live in a country that more diverse than any other country in the world. We also need understand that we are all created equally and all lives matter. And being diverse to me, will be, being acceptable to people everywhere and not judging or stereotyping them base what on you think you know about their ethnicity or race. Because not every thing you hear or see, whether its from media or people is true. In other words, these message that we are expose to are
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