We Must Learn Their Family 's History

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “where did I come from”? When did my family come to america, or were they already here? I hadn’t really until I found out I had to write this paper. Now that I do though, I’m glad I have to ask myself these questions. Everyone should learn their family 's history at one point or another, so let me tell you about mine. My family does things and has traditions just as any other family in the world. My family has the typical holiday get-togethers and family reunions every four years where you see the weird aunts and uncles who know exactly who you are and you just stand there like, “oh gosh, do I know this one?” Along with the typical family traditions, we also have our own. On Christmas at my Aunt 's house all of the adults will play bingo for prizes, and shortly after, the kids will play bingo for little stuffed animals and miscellaneous trinkets. After that we’d all eat dinner and play pool and such things. It’s a great time and a lovely tradition we have. Most of that side of the family came from Germany, my mom’s mom 's side. We don’t speak much, or any for that matter, German. It was a long-long time ago that my family decided the United States was for them. Way before my time. This side of the family also has a killer chicken and dumpling recipe. I can not wait to learn how to make it one day. It’s so good, I could it eat it every other day of the week. It’s funny though, because it’s just the pancake mix stuff put in chicken broth.
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