We Must Live Streaming And Broadcasting

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Live streaming and broadcasting allow us to see what is happening around the world just as it happens. The way live broadcasting is done now is completely different than how it was done in previous years. First, only televisions could do live transmission because of the heavy and costly equipment that was needed but with the boost in social media and technology, anyone can shoot, upload and make the video go viral and reach out to the people by just using the mobile device. No filters, no editing, just live rolling news or coverage, by everyone for everyone.
The audience gets most of their news from the internet and social media these days. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter all have introduced the 'Live ' feature. World Wide Worx MD, Arthur Goldstuck said, "Visual media is coming to dominate mobile usage, with both image-based and video-based content accelerating in take-up, and becoming the preferred medium for content, especially among younger users. We will see many more innovations in how content is delivered to or from phones in the coming years, as it will be seen as an opportunity for differentiation in an environment where the physical form factor provides ever-decreasing opportunities for doing so. "
On July 6th, a 32-year-old black man from Minnesota, Philando Castile, was driving with his girlfriend and three-year-old daughter, when he was stopped by the police over broken tail light. A few months later, he was shot dead by the police during the
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