We Must Manage The Needs Of Refugees

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INTRODUCTION We must manage the needs of refugees to help them escape their traumatic circumstances and to make a safe trip over to their new country. When they arrive they should be treated well and have safe and humane living conditions, housing and medical assistance. I chose this topic as I first started caring about the treatment and lives of refugees when I read the book ‘Boy Overboard’ in primary school (Gleitzman, 2002). A refugee is someone who flees their country for fear of persecution for political or religious beliefs, someone who has been displaced or fleeing from war and is seeking refuge elsewhere (Webster New World College Dictionary, 2010). In 2011 alone 895,000 individual applications for asylum or refugee status were submitted to the governments of 166 countries and only 11% of those were fulfilled (Do something, 2013). 80% of all refugees are in developing countries with Australia only having 20,010 asylum seekers in 2012 which is very small compared to international standards (Amnesty Internation,2014). At the end of 2014 however there were 19.5million refugees, around 2.9million more than 2013(UNHCR,2015). GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE Different countries are dealing with the prominent issue of how to manage refugees and all their needs and dealing with this issue in different and creative ways. Refugees arriving in Switzerland will be required to hand over any assets worth more than 1000francs to the government to help pay for their upkeep (Agencies, 2016).
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