We Must Not Allow Wealthy Donors to Control U.S. Politics Essay

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According to an annual survey done by Berlin-Based organization Transparency International, the world’s least corrupt nations in 2013 were Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand. The United States on the other hand landed in 19th place. (Infoplease.com)It’s not surprising to see the United States, land of opportunity, has dropped in ranking. Even every time when we watch the news or political channel, more and more scandals of corrupt politicians are revealed. Based off the citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington or CREW, a non-profit legal watchdog group dedicated in holding public officials accountable for their actions, about seventeen members of the past congress member were listed for most corrupt. The political scandals we…show more content…
Reich emphasizes on the change of the political pendulum from middle to higher class by contributions of money “With hefty campaign contributions, and platoons of lobbyist and public relations flacks, the rich helped push through legal changes that enabled them to accumulate even more income and wealth”. The changes that emerged from the new political contributions allowed the rich to pay lower income tax rates in comparison to the years of the great prosperity (1949-1971).During these years, the income tax rates for the rich were at the highest we have possibly seen. High income taxes allowed for growth in the economic opportunity. But as the separation of the poor and richer growth farther apart we face a serious problem. Regardless the rich have the advantage in political power and voice. In an NPR article, Wealthy “Elite Donors’ Fueling U.S Politics, shows some drastic statistics in rich donor “A tiny percentage of very wealthy Americans funded a relative large chunk of the 2010 congressional midterm races, continuing a trend that has been growing for two decades.” The author points out that large amount of finances during the 2010 congressional campaign were funded by the rich. This was also seen during the 2012 elections, many of the republican campaign donations came from donors who had high income. Most of these people were wealthy with corporate ties. While on the other hand, Democrats received many donations from small givers. By far most of the campaign
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