We Must Protect The Rainforest

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Did you know that before threats from humans, the rainforests covered almost 15% of the earth? Now rainforests only cover 6% of the earth around the world. I believe we should protect the rainforest because they provide habitats and food for lots of species, their trees help prevent climate change, it helps the inhabitants of the rainforest survive, and it provides natural medicines around the world.

As I said, rainforests provide natural medicines, food, and habitats for lots of species. The rainforest provides everyday things like avocados, cashews, guavas, black pepper, coconuts, figs, citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, bananas, corn, yams, cloves, vanilla, and chocolate. Andrew Einspruch, author of, “Rainforest Habitats,” states in the book, “80% of what people eat in the developed world first came from a rainforest somewhere.” and Rainforest Foundation states that, “About 1.2 billion people in the world rely on the rainforest for their survival.” This shows how much the Rainforests are important to people around the world. Other than food from the rainforest, you also get many natural medicines to help with sicknesses and diseases. 90% of known diseases can be treated with prescription drugs from nature, and in the book, “Rainforest Habitats,” it states, “In 1991, researchers found a substance in twigs of a particular Malaysian gum tree that blocked the spread of the AIDS virus in human cells. A team of biologist rushed back to Malaysia to get more, but
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