We Must Provide Subsidized Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants

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The topic of undocumented immigrants is heavily debated across the United States. Furthermore, the concept of these undocumented immigrants receiving subsidized healthcare is an even more highly controversial matter. The conflicting sides are significantly divided even though the United States of America was founded upon the notion of freedom and the melting pot ideology. This paper will examine the dilemma of undocumented immigrants and access to subsidized healthcare; yield a few attainable solutions in addition to some recommendations for the future on how this issue may be solved. Immigration has been around in the United States of America since the colonial times. Along with those immigrants come many other issues,…show more content…
In the vicinity of 55% of the undocumented immigrant population are people who made entrance into the United States without permission. The other 45% of the population are people that originally had permission to be a part of the United States. However, these individuals remained in the country past the amount of time they were given according to their visa (Theadvocatesforhumanrights.org). Background Immigration in the United States dates back to colonial times circa 1607 and still occurs today (ProCon.org, “Historical Timeline”). Along with the long history of immigration in the United States, healthcare has always been viewed as a right and not a privilege here. The adoption of a system of social insurance for American use proved that healthcare and well being should be a right of the people. Today, the United States has a very diverse population of people, many of them being immigrants from other countries. “Immigrants are a large and rapidly growing segment of the [United States] population, and they disproportionately lack health insurance.” (Goldman, Smith, and Sood 1640) The people that come to the United States legally are not the significance of the issue. However, those that come illegally have brought about numerous issues of concern to the citizens of the United States. The United States of America has a reputation of being a land of
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