We Must Put an End to Frivolous Inmate Lawsuits Essay

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We Must Put an End to Frivolous Inmate Lawsuits Our forefathers were bright enough to establish a system of government with a series of checks and balances to maintain a balanced government. For the past decade a series of checks and balances has begun to fail our government. In our failing system of government inmates have taken advantage of the court system and have flooded it with an inconceivable number of frivolous lawsuits. Laurel Walters, a writer for the Christian Science Monitor, investigated inmates' lawsuits and found that these "recreational litigators...are suing the courts as an intramural sports activity." Action needs to be taken in order to rectify and protect "US" from this squandering of our tax payer provided funds…show more content…
These frivolous lawsuits are costing law-abiding tax payers billion every year. Frivolous lawsuits can be found in every state around the nation. In New York inmates have sued over bad haircuts and melted ice cream and their constitutional right to use beige towels instead of white ones. (New York Times, B2). In Texas an inmate claimed he was subject to "cruel and unusual punishment" because he was served chunky instead of smooth peanut butter. In Massachusetts a recaptured prison escapee sued because the state threw out the personal property he left behind. Lloyd Duhaime a writer for the Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse quotes one extreme case that took place in California. The ingenuity of this following lawsuit goes without parallel. An inmate filed a $5 million lawsuit against himself (claiming he violated his own civil rights by getting arrested) but insisted the state pay because he was a ward of the state (web site). A by-product of these frivolous cases are skyrocketing costs. Paper work costs, clerical costs, lawyers and court fees accompany every case. Even for the most frivolous of lawsuits all of these costs must be paid. Most often this bill is paid by tax payers as inmates are able to claim pauper status to avoid the bills. By the time a case comes before a judge with the ability to toss it out, the costs associated with the case can run as high as $4,500. Obviously, something needs to be done. One possibility to correct this growing

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