We Must Recognize Our Vulnerability towards Technology

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Remember the days when you were old enough to know what it meant when people said they fell in love. Grandpa used to tell the stories of how he courted grandma and their love began. Grandma would blush telling you stories about deep-hearted love letters grandpa had sent her. Now, fifty years later they are still completely infatuated with each other bonded by love that will last an eternity. Lately, technology is starting to changes those stories. Soon our stories will be about how grandpa logged on to Match.com and found a sexy woman who seemed to have all of the same interests with her love for Italian food and fluffy poodles. Technology is morphing our interactions and relationships with each other into board game that we are …show more content…
Dating sites are amazing advances in technology. To be able to reach out to a dating community by social lubrication through technology is incredible in moderation. It is not as though it is useless for all, but just like a young Facebook relationship, it enables you to feel as though you have a back-up plan. Less is on the line when we have another option, we ultimately don’t try as hard. It is hard to be fully invested in a relationship when the lingering thought of a thousand other people waiting in line in your friends list tempts you to cheat and saves your from true commitment. The possibility of a back up plan exposes the potential for failure; we are not fully invested from the start. Lastly when are relationships get tough, instead of confronting the issue we turn to our computer screen and type into Google, “relationship advice.” Instantaneously, Ask.com is telling us that it is over; it is time for a Divorce. We can always find the answer we want on the Internet, if we find one that disagrees with us we just close that window and move to the one that makes us feel better. With a click of the mouse we are convinced that our marriages are over. It tells us that it is ok and instead of trying to work through it, it is ok to get a divorce someone else did it. We are allowing ourselves an easy way in and an easy way out. Fifty years ago grandma and grandpa chose the
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