We Must Save the N.E.A. Essay

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"Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?" If some people in this country have their way, and funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is cut, then the answer to that question will be no. Many people in this country want the federal government to remove the NEA from the national budget or at least cut back on its funding. Some of these people do not think that the Endowment is necessary, other people argue that the agency funds too many artists who create works that are off ensive to a majority of people. Though it may be true that some of the work recently produced has been offensive to a large number of people, it is not a reason to remove a very useful government program. The NEA provides jobs,…show more content…
Performances supported by the Endowment generate jobs in advertising and publishing agencies. There are a lso many jobs created by the operation of t he theaters and museums in which the performances and shows are given. Someone is needed in the box office to sell tickets, in the concessions stand, and after the performance janitors are needed to clean up the theater.

Then there is also the commerce that is generated for other nearby businesses. Many people go out to dinner before or after a show, and the restaurants near the theaters welcome the extra business. The parkin g garages near the theaters also gain extra business thanks to performances funded by the Endowment (Kilmet 9). The NEA helps to generate thirty-seven billion dollars a year in economic activity ("Alliance" 1).

Secondly, the NEA helps to fund several useful programs for communities. For example, the Endowment funds an anti-drug program run by the YMCA. (Cheseborough 1) This program helps to keep children off the stre ets, off drugs, gives them something const ructive to do, rather then destructive, and helps to educate them about the arts. These programs are very good, and are worthy of government funding.

The NEA also supports many more programs for the benefit of public education. The organization provides funds for school and library programs, not to mention that the NEA also

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