We Must Start From The Beginning

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Have you ever just sat down and reflected on how you got to where you are today? By that I don’t mean how you reached your success or how you got your dream job. I mean how you became you as a person. You see, a person isn’t just a walking figure with a job and a family. A person is a human being with thoughts, feelings and mindsets that developed based on the trials and tribulations that they’ve faced in the past. Now, I ask you this question because over the past 25 years, that is all that I have been able to think of. Who am I? However, that is not a question that I am able to answer as easily as many other people can. As a result of what I have been through, in order for the both of us to discover who I truly am, we must start from the beginning. You can never truly know how, or when, your life will change. I can still remember the day that mine did like it was yesterday. You see, if you would have mentioned the name Simon to any of my classmates back then, they would have told you that they didn’t know me. That’s mainly because I was always the quiet and self conscience child at school. I didn’t really enjoy speaking out, but I did always love giving. I loved helping out those who didn’t have much and I valued peace over everything. And most of all, I always saw the good in people. However, that one single incident changed me forever. To this day I can still hear the blowing of Ralph’s conch, every time that I wake up. I can also still remember how scared I was, how…
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