We Must Stop Animal Abuse

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Animal abuse is a travesty in our world that must be stopped. Every year, millions of animals suffer because of human actions, directly or indirectly. Whether it’s abused dogs and cats or even mistreated circus animals, their suffering is as real as it would be if it happened to us. Even animals who are raised on farms simply for human consumption should not have to suffer. One of the worst things about humanity’s role in this travesty is that there are many things people could do to help but instead simply choose not to do that would help this issue. There are many easy ways to prevent animal cruelty and we should try to put an end to it because all animals are living creatures just like we are. One of the animals that we allow to suffer in the U.S. is dogs. 36 states either allow or mandate that animal shelters be willing to release unwanted animals to laboratories for testing, and about 80% of the experiments performed on these animals are funded by citizen’s tax dollars. Communities that have actually done away with pound seizures have actually shown that their pet shelters are able to place more pets in homes as well as having to euthanize fewer animals because of the increased confidence in the shelter. Some ways to help prevent this from happening to a pet of yours are: Don’t let your pet run around unsupervised, keep an ID on your pets so that you can find them faster if they become lost, and to make provisions on your will for your pets to keep them from falling

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