We Must Stop Animal Cruelty

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In today’s world there are many hardships that we face every day. A major hardship has to do with animals. There are many animals out there in the world that have no home for countless reasons. There are also animals out there that are constantly getting abused by humans and getting killed by them. What the world has come to today is disgraceful to many other people as well as myself. Animals are seen by almost everyone in the world by something to praise. They keep the world going; keep things evolving like plants and trees. We need animals to survive in this world. Without them the world would slowly start to die. I am not just talking about domesticated animals either; I am talking about wild animals like bears and even bees. Humans are destroying what we call Earth because of all the gases and plants that are being made so these animals are pertinent to us. Now with the impending animal cruelty cases that are coming about something needs to be done in order for us to strive in this world. This needs to get across to people; they need to see the bigger picture. I hope by us taking these classes we can slowly change the minds of people and the way they see animals in the world. All it takes is one person to start a rippling effect and today that person is going to be me. Animals have rights just like us even though they may be a little different. We need to protect those rights and fight for them because they can’t fight for themselves. When it comes to animal cruelty it

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