We Must Stop Racism Essay

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We live in a world that is culturally diverse, with rich culture and heritage. Everyone comes from a different background, with unique history and life experiences. Today we have broken-down a lot of racial barriers that existed in the past, and we have learn become more accepting of each other culture and way of life. Even though our society is growing up and becoming more tolerant of each other, they are still many barriers that needs to be broken. Racism still exists today, it is something that we cannot get rid of easily. Some people express racism in various degrees. Around the world they are many cases of racial acts against another race. Whether it be a murder of a different person rather than your race, or looking down on…show more content…
According to Reuters he did these crimes because “He wanted to stir up racial tension, racial hatred,” (C. Pitas, 2013). As was mentioned by Reuters, something as simple as not being white caused this young man to murder an innocent person, and also trying to hurt so many people all out of hatred. This exhibits the ignorance certain people today still has about other race and culture. They are many cases of racism against skin color and other culture, most of this is caused by ignorance of another culture. Another article by the Huffington post and Global voices, shows how strong racism still exists today. Even though this article is not as severe as the on the 25 year old Pavlo, it still shows how strong racism still is today. On September 15th 2013, a new Miss America was crowned. The new Miss America is non-other than Miss New York Nina Davuluri, Nina is of Indian decent. According to Global Voices she made history by “becoming the first American of Indian descent to win the coveted Miss America title”. Because she has Indian decent, her skin color is brown, because of this many did not know her actual heritage. According to Global Voices, “she has found herself at the receiving end of a slew of

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