We Must Stop The Mass Shooting

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It was a hectic morning for one of Orlando’s top queer bars, Pulse Night Club, on June 12th 2016. An armed gunman entered the premise and shot 49 people dead, injuring several others in the process. Despite the obvious tragedy, a positive result arose. Less than 12 hours after the mass shooting ended, President Obama addressed the nation on national television about the horrific event. To many, his speech was a completely normal response from a Head of State regarding a national tragedy, but many have taken the seemingly basic response for granted. In the past, major tragedies affecting minority groups, such as queer people, would not have even made the front page of the newspaper, let alone cause the president to give a speech immediately following the devastating event. For a large portion of American history, queer individuals were seen by the majority as immoral people who needed to solve their own problems with little help from the dismissive and oppressive government that ruled over them. When the AIDS epidemic hit the homosexual male community in the 1980s, gay men across the country reached out for help and slowly received it. Given that homosexuality was a taboo topic in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan recognizing the AIDS epidemic was a notable milestone for the queer rights movement.
In order to fully grasp the significance of President Reagan, a Republican, helping bring about the end of the AIDS crisis, a brief history of homosexuality in the western world is needed.…

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