We Must Work To End Gun Violence Essay example

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Gun control and gun rights are crucial topics that have been debated for years. Some people believe that civilians should not have the right to own a gun while others believe it is our god given right to bear arms. The second amendment of the Bill of Rights states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”(Shermer). This is a right that society has had for years and is one of the main reasons why no solution has been reached yet. There are two main sides to this debate, Gun control advocates focus on the serious negative effects of gun availability on health and safety, while gun-ownership advocates emphasize the lawful use of guns and …show more content…
We all remember the Newton shooting when Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary and opened fire killing twenty-six innocent students and faculty. After the shooting had ended, police found that he used a .223 caliber Bush-master XM-15 semi-automatic rifle in the killing spree, but also had on him a 10mm Glock 20 SF handgun and a 9mm SIG Sauer handgun. He had a shotgun in his car, and at home police found a .45 Henry repeating rifle, a .30 Enfield rifle, and a .22 Marlin rifle, the latter of which he used to shoot his mother in the head four times (Shermer). An issued report from a Connecticut prosecutor revealed Lanza was diagnosed with a mental illness when he was in middle school but refused to take his medication (Johnson). When his parents realized that their son was growing up with a mental illness and was refusing to take medication, they should have acted for the safety of themselves, their son and others. LAnza spent many hours playing violent video games and would not communicate verbally with his mother, only by computer via e-mail (Johnson). In circumstances like this case we as a country need to figure out a way to flag these individuals and get them help so tragedies like Sandy Hook never occur again. As the shooting came to a conclusion, people immediately attacked guns. Protests and mobs of angry people would chant their message that guns needed to go, in order to prevent another massacre like this. But the
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