We Must Work to Prevent Suicide

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Imagine someone’s best friend dies. Later this person discovers that their friend commit suicide. Envision this person’s feelings and all of the painful thoughts and memories going through their mind. This person probably feels intense sadness and maybe even betrayal. Do not forget the suicide victim’s parents. Their own child felt worthless enough to kill themselves. The students at the victim’s school have confusion, start rumors, and gossip. All of the victim’s friends feel as if the suicide happened because of them. Everyone feels as if they could have done something to prevent this tragic event. Suicide is a social issue rising in severity. Each year, over a million people commit suicide throughout the world. Suicide has the name of a…show more content…
According to WebMD, about 20-40 percent of those with schizophrenia attempt suicide and about 5-13 percent succeed (Schizophrenia and Suicide).WebMD gives detailed information on schizophrenia, the many symptoms, and how people feel after they receive their diagnosis. The diagnosis is life altering and those who are diagnosed receive a life-long sentence to prescription medication. For some people, the medication eliminates all symptoms; for others, it only dulls them. Therapy is also recommended in some cases after diagnosis. Each case is different and effective treatment varies. Victims of rape are often at very high risk for suicide. Posttraumatic stress disorder and depression are very common in rape victims. The victim may blame themselves for what happened and think that they deserve to die because of it. Caruso states in an article on his website, “I do not know how a woman could be raped and not become depressed. Many have told me that they feel like the rapist sentenced them to a life of hell. Their pain does not end.” Suicides as a result of rape can even occur several years after the incident. About 33% of victims have suicidal thoughts and about 13% of victims attempt suicide (Suicide in the US). Caruso also wrote an article about a girl named Lindsay Armstrong who was raped at the age of 16. Many of Lindsay’s friends described her as beautiful, caring, and talented. After she was beaten and raped, she became
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