We Need A Clean Work Space And A Healthy Environment

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There are many scientists who argue that if you have a clean work space and a healthy environment you will be really productive. Now think about how important this fact could be when thinking about our earth. We live in a world with wonderful life and curiosity. However, by the way we treat it, you wouldn’t think so. We create so much waste to give to the earth, our climate has changed and the repercussions are disastrous. With no change in sight, one of science’s greatest minds, Stephen Hawking, has recently stated that he believes that human life on Earth only has an expectancy of 1,000 more years(Dodgson). Efforts are needed across the globe to hold each other responsible to try to fix the massive amounts of climate change we have created, but where exactly do we start? The United States has a moral responsibility to both lead the discussion and make the most changes. Not only as the country with the largest carbon footprint footprint per person, but also as a power player in world politics, the US needs to keep in consideration other countries’ experiences when discussing climate change and make an effort to make possible decisions with positive outcomes. When discussion of policies is happening internationally, one topic of dispute can come from ideas of change or sacrifice. Each country has it’s citizens in mind and some would be reluctant to be the only ones to be inputting new policies when other countries can go on doing what they’re doing. This is a leading
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