We Need A Proper Backup Essay

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INTRODUCTION: We have chosen Paper Plus located in Centre Place Hamilton. We made up some survey questions and asked 30 people to fill up that survey forms so it can give us a clear image about how people they know about paper plus and what they think about it through answering our questionnaire. Problem Recognition: If a consumer is in decision making process he/she will be in a state where they find it difficult to make any decision due to some problems. Problem recognition includes two states, • Current state of a consumer • Ideal State of a consumer Consumer might want a product that is out of stock so, we need to make sure that consumer gets what they are looking for and especially if paper plus provide that product. We need a proper backup if something goes out of stock it should be brought in as soon as possible so that consumers do not face any problems. Another problem consumer might face is dissatisfaction, paper plus need to make sure that products they supply should be good quality as described, if not it might affect the image of the company. Information Search: Information search can be divided into many ways such as, • Pre-purchase search: Consumer should be provided with accurate information about the quality and prices. According to the survey 90% of the consumers who have been to paper plus told us that paper plus provides good quality products which influence them to purchase things from there. • On-going search: Paper plus have a lot of customers who

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