We Need A Surplus Of Money For Our Bank Accounts At The End Of The Month Essay

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We all want to have a surplus of money in our bank accounts at the end of the month. Many of us want to be able to purchase that designer outfit or to take that once in a lifetime vacation. A logical way to achieve this is to live a frugal lifestyle which will increase your cash flow each month. Stay Home More Gas prices are at an all time high. "Running the roads" will use up gasoline and will cause you to spend more money than necessary. Plan to run errands on a certain day of the week or participate in a fun activity once a week. This will drastically decrease your time in the car and will save you money. On the days that you need to run errands, plan your route so that you hit all the places that are located in the same area so that you are not running all over town, back and forth, using more gasoline. Decrease Monthly Bills We live daily without a care or concern with how much money we spend on various bills or necessary items such as electricity and water. These items can be lowered and some even eliminated by just sitting down and deciding what needs to stay and what needs to go. Of course, electricity and running water are necessary for survival, but there are ways to lower these bills just by being more conscious of your spending habits. Instead of using the dryer, set up a clothesline and dry your clothes outside in the hot sunshine. In the summer, the days are so hot that your clothes will dry faster than they would in a dryer. So, you save time and money.

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