We Need Look No Further Than The Final Seasons Of The Majority

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We need look no further than the final seasons of the majority of one’s favorite television shows to realize the simple fact, what is newer is not necessarily better, in fact it is often far worse or more complicated. It is a common bias of modernity to assume superiority over any ways of thinking that ruled past cultures; however, particularly for a religiously-based course, that kind of thinking is highly problematic. For the purposes of this essay I will attempt to traverse the narrow line of objectivity and compare and contrast two worlds. These two worlds are the Old and New, and are heavily subjective and conventional in nature, but nevertheless this inquiry will continue as planned. The rise of soteriology and a new kind of guilt,…show more content…
In a world where your past, present, and future is perfect, it is shown through the sky and translated to you by your ruler, there is no need for questioning, reality is reality and truth is truth. The future shown by the oracle bones is always correct, any issues or misreading’s were just that, mistakes on the part of man not that of truth nor reality. That brings me to the inevitable discussion of science that comes with this topic, the fact that there are indeed two conflicting definitions. Science in its truest sense, is by definition what is true; the modern idea of logical explanation and inquiry defining science is an enlightenment invention. Science of the “Old World” is allegory, the simple fact that heaven is the sky and all order in the world is prescribed to us by the stars and that there is a time and place for everything in the stars. Truth is far more elegant and understandable in this sense, it is axiomatic, what was true today was true yesterday and will be true tomorrow. The harvest comes shortly before the great winged horse “Pegasus” reaches its zenith in heaven, it always has, and it always will (for at least a few hundred years this will almost always be true). This is science, and it will never change, but it is not as perfect as its elegance would seem. While it would indeed be perfect for dozens of generations there is a grave imperfection to this science, things eventually do change. The modern
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