We Need More People Who Think Outside of the Box

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A few days ago I saw a movie about the band “Frei.Wild”. They took a trip to Mexico because they wanted to film their new music video. Suddenly, the air condition turned out and they were not able to stand the heat any longer. Because they had nothing else which could have annealed their car the boys had to think about an alternative. So the band members cut the bottoms of some bottles off and stuck the remaining parts together to a long pipe. After that they kept it in front of the front air conditioner to get fresh and cold air also at the back. This kind of thinking is a typical example for out-of-the-box-thinkers who found a solution in a creative and untypical way while others would look for a garage and lose lots of time. But because of the reason that these “crazy” people with their unusual ideas are often unaccepted by others the question arises: Does our today’s world of work needs more out-of-the-box thinkers? First of all I would like to point out that the concepts of them are partially unrealistic. They often think about ideas to improve the life of us but sometimes it is difficult to implement these visions. Betimes the changes are too expensive or highly-developed so it is impossible to convert them. That is the reason why they could get in conflict with their director because they speculate too much and achieve no result due to the unrealizable ideas. Therefore a good example is the removal of environmental toxins. The only problem is that we need these
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