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During July of this year a commercial plane from Asiana Airlines(Airplane that goes between South Korea and America) crashed in San Francisco.When the plane was about to land the automated flight system was on(autopilot system) and the auto throttle was supposed to be on to land safely.The auto throttle was not on so the plane fell onto the runway and crashed.This is not the first time this happened.This just proves that pilots are getting addicted to the autopilot system. The autopilot system is the computer system in airplanes that lets computers fly the plane and do things such as taking off and landing without controlling the plane.This system has made flying a lot safer because it removes room for error by the pilot.The autopilot…show more content…
Then you have to become a officer of the air force(only officers are allowed to fly).This is done by taking two tests the Basic Aptitude Test(tests how people react to situations) and the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test(AFOQT).Also there is a physical assessment you have to pass.If you have worse vision than 20/50,are overweight,can’t be colorblind,can’t have allergies,have no history of physical injury,mental disorders and can’t have any felonies. If you pass the physical and score high on the written test you can try to get into flight school.It is very hard to get into flight school because only 1400 people are accepted.If you get accepted you will go through two programs to be able to fly.The first program is the Introductory Flight Program.This program includes 25 hours of instruction in flight techniques and 25 hours of flying with an instructor.The second program is the specialized undergraduate training program which is ten to 12 hours a day of instructions,simulation and flying.This program teaches the pilot basic flight skills they need to fly.When they finnish the corse the pilot chooses a type of aircraft to specialize in.After that the pilot will be able to fly on their own.The military flight system trains pilots better than commercial pilots and encourages they control the plane and not the computers. The military planes almost never

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