We Need Talk About Kevin

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Text Title – We Need Talk About Kevin
Text Type - Visual
Author – Lynne Ramsay

The movie is shoot in the past and present going back and forth, where Tilda is experiencing the aftermath of her family’s death, and the past, delving deeper into the way her son treated her.
We need to talk about Kevin tells us the story about a fractious relationship between a mother and her son. Tilda goes through intense grief and violence after a homicidal massacre where Kevin had killed 15 people with this bow and arrow. As mother Eva questions herself where she had gone wrong in the upbringing of her son. In flashback she reflects on significant moments in Kevin 's upbringing. She recalls falling in love with her loving husband, Franklin. Eva was living her life with a very promising career as a successful writer when an unexpected pregnancy hurls her life off-balance. Since birth Kevin was trouble, he constantly cried which literally made Eva sick. As a toddler, Kevin continued to be disobedient. He didn’t communicate with Eva nor did he respond to any of her actions. Eva openly admits that she was much happier before Kevin came into her life. Kevin was a troubled and difficult child from early age as he seems to be doing everything to annoy Eva. In one of the scenes Eva becomes so frustrated by Kevin’s coldness and his reluctance to potty train that in rage she tosses him across the room which leads him to have a broken arm. Eva relives the memory where we can see the day of Kevin’s

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