We Need The Right Leader Who Can Look At The Team Members And The Current Process

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Bringing individuals together to form a team can be trying. You need the right leader who can look at the team members and the current process and involve the members in discussion on how to be the best they can be. Looking at personalities, processes, the foundation they work on, commitment and rewards such as acknowledgements or bonus items are rewarding to both the employees and the company as it will produce positive outcomes in their workplace. When getting a team together and asking them to perform their duties as a well-oiled machine, this may be easier said than done. There are so many variables to look at when deciding the best way to go about this. There isn’t a group of individuals that have come together to complete…show more content…
I would ask each person to write down what their job responsibility is and make sure all are aware of what is being asked of them. Then look to see if the process flows well or where changes could be made. Letting the group know where issues and letting them solve it together is better that someone barking orders and telling them what to do. Some employees may have certain skills that will benefit the group. Are there personalities within the group that don’t mix well? If so, individual assessments and projects on working together may need to be accomplished. Not everyone has the same ideas or works at the same pace. Employees need to be reminded that they cannot work around a teammate but have to figure out how to work together. Management is a key part in helping the personalities blend. Does the team understand what the leader is asking of them? Team members need to understand their individual and group roles within the department and the company. Expressing how an individual’s role affects someone else’s production and the process of the department for the company and the role of the company with the consumer is necessary. People should be held accountable for their roles. The better they achieve an end result, the more positive feedback should be given and an example shown for others to follow the same path. Communication is another key to all of this working. Anyone can talk, but speaking with a group and letting
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