We Need to Stop Animal Farming

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Do you want to have no animal factory to save the poor animals. Well I believe that all animal farming should be stopped. Let me tell you something that 99% of farm animals are in factory farmed. Imagine over thousands of chickens being told to lay eggs for there whole life. So this is why I want to end most factory farming or lower the amount of animals every factory can get. Also I want to change this for one reason, I know most people are against, ANIMAL CRUELTY. So imagine this Animal Cruelty times thousands or even millions. That is how bad this Animal factoring is this country. I know we need food for the growing population but really, just look at the poor conditions they give this poor animals. Will you join me and help the poor animals have a better ending to their lives? So what do you think will you help animals survive Factory farming? You’re probably asking yourself “What does this have to do with me?”. So I will tell you that your food is poisoned with hormones they put in poor animals so they grow faster. That cuts the time in more than half. The difference between the chicken back then they could fly now they fall with one step and they lay in their own waste. So really this is the poor conditions that factory give to their animals that they supposedly take care of. (I’m being sarcastic) So think about for a sec if you were one animal there how would you feel if you had to sit in your waste for the rest of your small life and had infections and barely got
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