We Need to Talk About Kevin

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WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN It was a good movie to see that how the interaction of attachment and biological predisposition goes on a a school massacre as an ending point. In the beginning of movie we saw a young woman in a fest and enjoying with friends. Then she married and quitted such life. It was the precursor of her unhappiness and insecure attachment with his child. Then she moved another place and began to live a different life from she had before. She had a baby through an unplanned pregnancy. Because of the all these causes, we had an unhappy and depressed mother who experienced difficulties while forming attachment with her son, Kevin. In flashback scenes, we also saw that during 9 months of pregnancy, she couldn’t…show more content…
Even doctor said Kevin was a great child. That is to say Kevin behave brilliantly bad towards his mother. The relationship was under the control. We can make this assumption from the scenes in which Kevin was nice to her mother. He showed that he had a genuine evil with toilet issue, doctor issue and protecting her mom about the beating. After birth of daughter, the mother was successful to form a secure attachment, maybe she satisfied herself with this relationship and patience towards to Kevin reduced. She blamed him for hurting his sister’s eye. I think she was right. But their relationship got worse and worse. Then he killed her sister, father and schoolmates with a big pride. He just had mother alive. I had two point for this massacre: he wanted to made mother suffer more and more or he hated his mother, but even his hate he loved or need her. After this traumatic event, the mother stayed same place, although the mothers of victims beat her. It seemed to me that she is internalizing or questioning her faults about this massacre. She usually visited Kevin in the prison, so she might have some hope about Kevin or she was just blaming herself about happenings. All in all mother had a numb face and attitude to Kevin even she behaves well. It was the one cause of insecure attachment. But I cannot blame the mother for all happenings. Kevin had a difficult temperament. All of these causes made him to develop conduct
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