We Need to Talk About Kevin

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Selfish is defined as looking after one’s own desires, concerned with your own interests, needs and wishes while ignoring those of others (Encarta Dictionary). Eva expressed some delight in having a child during a moment of reflection, Eva stated, “Maybe my saying I wanted more “story” was all by way of alluding to the fact that I wanted someone else to love”. Eva also thought about how she would be able to share her travels with her children and how they might ask her questions and she could share stories about different countries. Eva stated that becoming parents would have to be something that both she and Franklin agreed on, and they would have to make that decision together. It does not…show more content…
Eva’s, attention to Kevin while he was incarcerated seem to be more out of her loss not loyalty. Kevin is all she had left of a life that represented what she valued, loved and found some purpose in. It represented Franklin and her love for him and Celia how she was so different from Kevin. Eva, remarked how much Kevin looked like Franklin, even though she resented Kevin resembling Franklin physically. In the story Eva knew that Kevin was different, it is possible that she felt some responsibility for Kevin’s actions, but she did not have anyone to validate what she was feeling. Eva’s desire to prevent anyone from being hurt was thwarted by Franklin, she was aware that Kevin would hurt others, she just did not know to what extent. Eva was the lone ranger, but she did not seek help outside of the family, which was strange. The English teacher is the one who validate her inner most feeling about her son. They say love is blind Franklin seems to fit into that perspective. Eva so longed for Franklin to stand with her in raising their son. It seems as though Franklin wanted Kevin to experience what he did growing up. He wasn’t able to recognize his son emotional void. Neither of the parents was equipped, nor did they seek help
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