We Often Consider Ways In Which We Are Spiritual People

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We often consider ways in which we are spiritual people and some people believe that we must be different or better, to say, “I am spiritual”. Our personal spiritual journey doesn’t look like anyone else’s, nor is it supposed to. Each person’s spirituality is different because each one of us is different. According to Gary Liguori author of Questions and answers: A guide to fitness and wellness, “Spirituality has three general components: feeling a connectedness to ourselves and to others, developing a system of personal beliefs and values, and finding meaning and purpose in life”, (p. 355). In this paper, I will discuss five of my most significant life values that help fuel my spiritual wellness and identify those I view as less valuable…show more content…
It includes privacy, intimacy, sharing, belonging, and caring. The atmosphere of real love is one of honesty, understanding, patience, and forgiveness. Such love does not happen automatically; it requires constant daily effort by each member. A family shares activities and express gratitude for one another. Love takes time, affection, and a positive attitude. My family makes me be a better person and that is spiritually pleasing for me. Next, on my list is security. Now the example that was given stated, “to have a steady income that fully meets my family 's basic needs” (Weiler, 2001), but I only see that as a much smaller portion of security and my idea of it is meeting both the financial and emotional needs. Emotional security is vital for humanity not to mention in the family, work, and social setting. This type of security makes me feel spiritually at peace. Another moral value I spend time and energy on is loyalty. I believe my spiritual development is depended on mine and others loyalty. It helps me create meaning in my life when I am honest and loyal to myself. True loyalty starts with me, and I cannot be loyal to anything or anyone if I am not loyal to myself first. I think loyalty provide me with spiritual growth. Like loyalty, I find spiritual satisfaction in my personal development and I do find myself spending time, money, and energy in this area. I enjoy and find satisfaction when I concur a difficult task. Admittedly, I tend to get consumed in
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