We Read Race And Class

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Dave Chappelle talks about how many different types of people in society today benefit from racism and other social constructs whether or not they know it. While minority groups toil under racism, sexism and classism the majority groups benefit. While blacks were heavily oppressed from times of slavery all the way until the Jim Crow era whites benefited from the system of oppression. Back when women had no rights and sexism was rampant men were benefactors and while life gets harder and harder for the poor it gets easier and easier for the rich. In the books we read race and class are major themes in all of them. Many characters get the short end of the privilege stick while others benefit greatly from different types of privilege whether or not they are aware of it. Most of the characters are either too young or too ignorant to do anything about the privilege gap in these books. Chappelle talks about opportunities given to those with privilege. Whether it’s having the knowledge that getting kicked out of one prestigious prep school just means enrollment in another or simply being able to freely go wherever a person wants knowing they won’t be questioned or beaten unequal opportunities based on privilege are plentiful in our novels this year. While several characters exemplify the benefits of privilege Kevin, Scout and Holden best illustrate what privilege, whether known or unknown, can do for a person.
Kevin comes from the novel Kindred by Octavia Butler. He is a white man…

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