We See and Understand Things Not as They Are but as We Are

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Theory of Knowledge

“We see and understand things not as they are but as we are” Discuss this claim in relation to at least two ways of knowing.

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People are aware of reality just how they see it and how they live it. People perceive things how they understand it which sometimes can lead to conflicts and discussions on the fact that each person can perceive things differently. One way speaking people perceive and understand things by using their five senses: seeing; hearing; smelling; feeling and tasting. People can have different perceptions of reality by means of drugs, diseases or some kind of sense deficient, such as blindness, deafness or muteness.
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For instance: Art people in general would not be able to see and understand the work as it is but how they perceive it as they think it is and as they want to. Different people will have different opinions from others which will in fact identify the claim where People see and understand things not as things are but as they are, because each person has a different way of thinking and of interpreting things which leads to a different understanding of the matter. That’s why Art is so subjective towards reality and self-understanding. And this is why the so called ‘Emotional ones’ interpret reality depending on culture and education which rely on ethics and on their self-actualisation of global perspectives.

On the other hand ‘reasonable ones’ are objective on what they want and on what they believe. They see things just as they are with no second thoughts and no discussions on other ways of perceiving things. They have explicit points of view where all they perceive is rational and exponential, for it relies on morals and on efficient and productive perceptions on how things are. These people are considered in society today as the smart ones; they are always right on their decisions and on what they believe. But in the end everyone enjoys Arts in all forms: musicals, productions, or even exhibitions because artists see reality as they are and not as people would reason it.

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