We Should Have A Quiet Confidence Within Us

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As men we should have a calm and centered demeanor about us. Like Joel Osteen once said, we should have a quiet confidence within us. What I have discovered is that other people respond positively to a person that is poised and relaxed. This aspect of your character is very important as a boss. This is what makes you a boss. Having a poised and relaxed disposition shows that you are sure of yourself. It shows that you have control over your emotions and not your emotions having control over you. However as a boss you should show emotions without being emotional. An emotional man is purely driven by how he feels. In fact he is insecure and is influenced by whatever environment he is in at the moment. What I mean by that is, the direction of his life is determined by his emotional state at that moment and that environment determines his emotional state. Therefore whatever social environment he is in manipulates his character. He becomes a temporary product of his environment. Environments change daily and as people enter your environment they alter the environment. Therefore causing your emotions to be altered. Without you even knowing it, other people have control over you and how you feel. You must understand that environments change and people change. This will help you become more aware of your surroundings and how it affects your life. There are people who will freak out if any little thing is out of place or if their day doesn’t start off right. However to be a
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