We Should Make Snow on the Mountain Essay

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We Should Make Snow on the Mountain

The varying opinions on whether snow should be made on the Snowbowl Ski Mountain in Flagstaff, Arizona have grown to become a statewide debate. Snowbowl is one of the sacred mountains in the San Francisco Peaks that is very meaningful to the Native people. If snow were to be made on the mountain, it would interfere with the beliefs of many people. On the other hand, many Arizona residents rely on the ski area for its incoming business, recreation, and for providing jobs to many people. The dispute on the expansion of the ski area and the making of snow has continued to be discussed for the last fifteen years. The tribes defending their lands are very confident in the decisions the National Forest
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They feel that a ski area should not even be present in this area. Since the Coconino National Forest Service has to oversee all aspects, the Natives hold a very strong argument. Given that Arizona is a desert and is always facing drought issues, the making of snow has become a difficult process. The making of snow is done in almost all functioning ski areas, just not at Snowbowl. The proposed plan was to use purified recycled water for the making of snow on the mountain to keep the ski area open through the season. Kuwanwisiwma states in an article in The Arizona Sun (2002) written by Gary Ghioto, “Health is a very significant issue and there is always the morality of recycling these wastes to create artificial snow.” The argument is strong against the use of recycled water to make the snow. The Natives do not want unnatural substances touching their sacred lands.

Next, the Flagstaff community will be faced with upcoming problems in the years to come. For the size of the town and the area, Flagstaff will become way too overdeveloped. The plan, written by the Coconino National Forest Committee, is proposing that there will be improvements to the current facilities, in addition to the building of new resort infrastructure. In turn, this will lead to the building of many new restaurants, entertainment, and
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