We Should Not Go Through A War

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I believe as a race we should not go through another war to defend our rights as a n Americans. It was an ancestor of mine that was brought kicking and screaming here to work free of charge because some lazy ass farmer could work his own land. Without his slaves three generations his great grand children let the farm fall into disrepair. They had to sell it off. I can say my grandmother was proud to let all that work go to waste. As soon as those bells rung she left that farm and never looked back. She never told my mother because she wanted her family clear of the past. She was one of the lucky ones with no roots to tie her there. She was bought for breeding stock two years before. She bore two children. She had to walk many miles for a place of employment with a toddler on her back and baby slung in the front. She was a woman with no husband. Somewhere around Illinois a family took her in. They gave her a job and a place to learn.

Fastword to 1903, Washington has pushed his biography to appeal to the white market. He is a man that is sitting on the fence in a “race” of tugawar. He wishes to wash clean the sin of slavery by making it a gentler time. My Grandmother did not see it that way. She walked many a mile to break all ties my her former life. I know nothing of my family besides what my grandmother brought. I have no choice in the matter of my birth or history. Many like my Grandmother choose to forget it. Others of the White variety like to…
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