We Should Not Take Technology And Computer 's Usefulness For Granted

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We should not take technology and computer’s usefulness for granted. Billions of people use computers every day, yet only a fraction have the patience to understand what they are doing. Or, the actual consequences of their actions and in turn cause problems for themselves and others. As a result the same precautions that are made to protect themselves are not applied when using a computer. More people need to treat these computers as tools that can be used to make our lives and the world better even if the world is changing, for better or worse. As such, people must learn what a computer is to recognize it, what these computers need to stay maintained, and how, as an individual, people must take control of their technology to bring themselves into the modern world. Computers are defined in the Webster dictionary as a programmable usually electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data. These could be anything from as small as calculators to cabinets the size of buildings. They are well established into the daily lives of most of the people in the world, if you tried to avoid computers entirely you would find it difficult when your food is packaged with computers, cars are ran with computers, odds are even your refrigerator has a computer in it. Check your food packaging, most of the time there is a barcode on it. That means that the package had to be scanned by computers many times before it reached your shelves. Even though computers have
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