We Should Pay College Athletes Essay

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Over the years, the debate on whether or not to pay collegiate athletes, specifically Division 1, has increased greatly. With athletes bringing in millions of dollars to their respective schools, many believe it’s time to make a change. The debate has been ongoing since the 70’s, maybe even earlier, but it really came to the attention of many in the early 90’s, specifically 1995. Marcus Camby, a basketball player for the Toronto Raptors, admitted he took money and jewelry, from somebody who wanted to be his agent, while he was playing at the University of Massachusetts. This was one of many incidents that involved a player accepting money and other gifts from an agent and/or booster. I believe that college athletes…show more content…
If they received some compensation for the hard work, this corruption would gradually lessen, because the need for money would lessen.
Just recently the NCAA allowed college athletes to get a job, but seriously, where are the athletes going to find the time to work. With classes, schoolwork, practices, and games (which include traveling all over the country), when are they going to fit in time to serve fries at Burger King. “I guess it’s a good thing,” says Indiana University freshman guard Michael Lewis. “But between class and basketball, I’d like to know when I’ve got time to flip burgers.” You have to be realistic, and having the athletes get a job isn’t very realistic. It’s hard enough now for the athletes to fit in time for themselves let alone work. After a long day of practice and school, they’ll be too tired to go to work. “No employer is going to want to employ someone that can only work such select hours,” freshman gymnast Dominic Brindle.
Most coaches sign lucrative contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with sports companies, and aren’t the ones wearing the Nike shoes or jersey, the players are. The marquee players sell jerseys with their numbers on them, but they don’t see the money from them. Schools sign large contracts with television stations for millions (even billions) of dollars, to see the kids play. Why is it that these players don’t get even a little of it back? They’re the
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