We Spend A Third Of Our Lives Asleep

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"Functions of Sleep." Revise Psychology, 15 May 2012. Web. 29 Sept. 2015. . “Babies brains grow extremely rapidly as they learn more about the world. So the fact that babies also have a much higher percentage of REM sleep suggests that REM sleep and brain restoration are linked.” Peter Tripp an American DJ stayed awake for 201 hours (almost 9 days) to raise money for charity. After 3 days, he became disrespectful and rude. And after 5 days he began hallucinating. On the other hand, Randy Gardner, a student stayed awake for almost 11 days (260 hours) without the need for “restoration. "The Work We Do While We Sleep." The New Yorker, 08 July 2015. Web. 29 Sept. 2015. . We spend a third of our lives asleep, but why? There a several genetic impairments, such as REM-sleep behavior disorder, where people act out their dreams due to a malfunction in the paralysis that keeps our bodies in check. A study showed that nearly half of people who experience this disorder develop a neurodegenerative disease. Sleep apnea, causes your breathing to stop for either a few seconds or minutes so your body jerks awake to fix it. These disorders Negrotto 2 could be clues, connecting sleep to brain preservation and activity. A test in 2000, consisted of a group of people who played Tetris for seven hours a day, for three days. One of the groups, were people who suffered from amnesia and were unable to form new memories. As they would fall asleep each night, they would be woken up and
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